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User Research


Summary: 5 journal articles, 15 double peer-reviewed conference papers and book chapters

20 Skjæret, N., Nawaz, A., Morat, T., Schoene, D., Helbostad., JL,,  Vereijken, B, (2015) Exercise and rehabilitation delivered through exergames in older adults: An integrative review of technologies, safety and efficacy. International Journal of Medical Informatics 85(1), 1-16.  [DOI[download]
19* Nawaz, A., Skjæret, N., Helbostad, JL., Vereijken, B., Boulton, E., Svanaes, D., (2015) Usability and Acceptability of Balance Exergames in Older Adults: A scoping Review,  Health Informatics Journal[DOI][download]
18* Dahl, Y., Farshchian, B., Vilarinho, T., Helbostad, J. L., Nawaz, A., Nygård, A. J., & Wik, P. B. (2015). Stakeholder Attitudes Toward and Values Embedded in a Sensor-Enhanced Personal Emergency Response System. Interacting with Computers. [DOI] [download]
17 Nawaz, A., Helbostad, J., Chiari, L., Chesani, F and Cattelani, L (2015). User Experience (UX) of the Fall Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT-up). In the 28th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS) Sao Carlos, June, 22-25). [DOI][download]
16 Nawaz, A., Waerstad, M., Omholt, K., Helbostad, JL., Vereijken, B., Skjaeret, N., and Kristiansen, L (2015). An Exergame Concept for Improving Balance in Elderly People.In International Workshop on ICTs for Improving Patients Rehabilitation Research Techniques (pp. 55-67). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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12 Nawaz, A., Helbostad, JL., Skjæret, N.,  Vereijken, B., Bourke, A., Dahl, Y., Mellone, S., (2014). Designing Smart Home Technology for Fall Prevention in Older People. Presented in HCI International  2014 (Crete, Greece, June 2014). [DOI][download]
11* Nawaz, A., Waerstad, M., Omholt, K., Helbostad, JL., Vereijken, B., Skjaeret, N., and Kristiansen, L (2014). Designing Simplified Exergame for Muscle and Balance Training in Seniors: A Concept of ´Out in Nature´. Presented at 8th Pervasive Health conference. (Oldenburg, Germany, May 20). [download]
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5 Nawaz, A. (2011). Evaluation of Information Classification on Websites and Impact of Culture: A Cross Country Comparison of Information Classification. Paper presented at 13th IFIP TC 13 International Conference (INTERACT), pp. 390-393. (Lisbon, Portugal, September 5-9) [DOI] [download]
4 Nawaz, A. and T. Clemmensen (2010). Using card sorting to explore collectivism in students’ approaches on a university website. Paper presented at 11th Danish HCI Research Symposium, pp.15-18. (Copenhagen, Denmark, November 23). [download]
3 Nawaz, A. (2010). Information architecture of websites and the impact of ‘language and culture’ on the design and structure websites. Paper presented at 3rd ACM International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration, (Copenhagen, Denmark, August 19-20).
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Technical Reports

  • [TR.02] Main contributors: Nawaz A. and Helbostad, JL. (2013). Validation strategy of telemedicine service models: FAll Repository for the design of Smart and sElf-adaptive Environments prolonging INdependent living, EU ICT project on falls management and prevention (66 pages), and (75 pages)
  • [TR.01] Nawaz, A. (2009). Values of Notification system for IPTV. Philips Electronics research, Netherlands (52 page)


  • [T.03] Nawaz, A. (2013). Website user experience: A cross-cultural study of the relation between users ́ cognitive style, use context, and information architecture of local websites, Frederiksberg: Copenhagen Business School. (PhD Series; No. 42.2013).[download]
  • [T.02] Nawaz, A. (2008). The role of culture in the structure of categories of application between Denmark and China. Master thesis. KTH Report DSV ; 09-x-642. Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. [download]
  • [T.01] Nawaz, A. & Tahir, SA. (2004). Management Information System of Auto Fuel Technologies. The University of Lahore. Bachelor Thesis. [download]

Doctoral Consortium

  • Nawaz, A. (2010). A pursuit of websites information architecture in a cultural context ,3rd ACM International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Nawaz, A., (2011) Evaluation of information classification on websites and impact of culture: A cross country comparison of information classification, INTERACT2011, Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Editor- Eleventh Danish HCI Research Symposium ( DHRS2011), Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Student Volunteer- IWIPS-2011, CITA-2011, Kuching, Malaysia
  • Student Volunteer Co-Chair, ICIC2012, Bengaluru, India ( in process)


Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

  • Information in Context (Information management) , Lecturer, 2016
  • Information in Context (Information management) , Lecturer, 2015
  • Corporate Communication (Information management) , Lecturer, 2012
  • FoC2:Fundamental of communication(Information management) , Lecturer, 2012
  • CMCC: Computer mediated communication and collaboration , (Information management) , Lecturer, 2011
  • CMCC: Computer mediated communication and collaboration , (Information management) , Lecturer, 2010
  • FoC2:Fundamental of communication(Information management) , Lecturer, 2011

Research Interest

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